About Us

It was 1986 when Ed got bit by the BBQ bug and joined Dudes BBQ Competition Team.  In 1990 Ed formed Fast Eddy’s BBQ & Catering and became a Traeger dealer in Kansas City.  In 1992 Eddy served as a Kansas City Barbeque Society board member and was Vice President in his final year of office.  In 1997 Eddy engineered what is now called the FEC100, a top quality professional competition smoker.  He saw a need for a consistent, pellet fired smoker for the restaurant and catering customer.  In 2003 Eddy joined forces with Cookshack and they launched the FEC750.  This was the answer to cooking large amounts of smoked meat consistently.  Eddy continued to test recipes and his equipment through the competition BBQ circuit in the United States.  Today you will find grills, cabinet smokers, rotisserie smokers, char broilers and pizza ovens in the Cookshack family of cookers.  Today there are thousands of customers world wide burning hardwood BBQ pellets.  The need for a top quality ultra premium pellet gives birth to the domain he bought many years ago.

Our Mission

Our goal is to produce the best burning, flavorful BBQ pellet in the United States.  Eddy has been cooking on wood pellets for the better part of 30+ years and has been manufacturing for 22 years of that.  Most of the commercial equipment is under ‘Fast Eddy’s by Cookshack’ and can be found at www.cookshack.com.  Our residential line of cookers can be found at www.pelletcooker.com.  We are the foremost expert in burning BBQ pellets because of our many users who cook with these pits 24 hours a day 7 days a week  They produce the best, 100% wood smoked food in the industry.  What we are producing is an Ultra Premium BBQ pellet.  The combination of taste, heat output and ash content is top of the line.  We pride ourselves in giving you and your family the very best pellet cooking experience’