Our Grilling Pellets

We produce an ultra premium grade BBQ pellet where less than 1% ash content is produced in a hardwood containing no tree bark.  We do our best to use only the heart of the wood which contains the best flavor.  The wood is dried in our own tumble drier and runs through 3 hammer mills prior to the pellet milling.  The combination of extremely dry sawdust and heartwood produces for us, a top of the line quality BBQ pellet for the BBQ industry.

In order to produce a top quality BBQ pellet,  we do test burns of competitors BBQ pellets.  Not all BBQ pellets are equal.  When the fire pots begin filling up with ash we notice an increase in fuel usage due to the lack of airflow.  We’ve seen as much as a 30% increase in fuel use in as little as 16 hours time run between different brands.  We’ve also noted that there’s been an introduction of ‘air management’ systems.  This has been done to keep tighter temperature swings in the ovens.  Not only is ash covering air holes in the fire pot but now you’ve got less air being pushed into these pots.  Maintenance of these types of pits on a lower grade pellet needs to be cleaned more often than if using a higher grade pellet.  It’s our opinion that if it says Grilling Pellets Ultra Premium  brand on the bag you’ve bought the best BBQ pellet available on the market today.

Championship pellets were developed for the added flavor needed for that winning edge that competition cooks are looking for.  But these pellets aren’t just for competition, they’re for those cooks at home that would like the added flavor that these pellets provide.  Its for these serious enthusiasts that we developed a heavier, smokier flavor that really opened up those taste buds.

What we discovered, in all the pellets tested, that we had the least amount of ash and the best BTU output in all of the pellets we produce.  No matter what you cook on your grill, you will always have a home run using our Championship Pellet.